Invertice Inc.

Woman Owned & Operated Business

ONE Call COMPLETE i/o DAS, small cell. Tower, Smart City, and contract staffing solutions.Your Proven industry Veterans!

Invertice Inc. is a full-service radio tower & building communications sites construction, specialized in all types of construction and managing.

Invertice isn’t an ordinary construction company. We are best in what we do, because every project we start – even the smallest, we treat with highest level of attention, organization, responsibility, professionalism and analyze, not missing a single detail.

Invertice always looks for the ways to stay on top & improve: we are holding trainings and conferences regularly to make sure all our climbers and technicians have up-to-date knowledge and skills, both in construction and safety; Invertice is being invited and participates in all major Communication Construction events (NATE, AT, OSHA, ANRITSU trainings & conferences).

We work not just to meet, but to exceed customers’ expectations, delivering highest quality of construction, fast and professional services and confidence.


fast and professional services and confidence

Tower Inspections & Services

We provide wide variety of inspections and services of fixing faulty items: third party inspection post installation, quality/punch items inspection, foundation inspection, safety climb inspection, tower structure inspection.

Equipment Installation & Upgrade

Our company is a leader on the East market in installing and upgrading Tower/Shelter equipment (starting from cabinets, BBUs, SPDs etc. and finishing with RHHs, Antennas, A2 Modules.

Tower Modification & Reinforcement

Invertice provides unparalleled quality and an unsurpassed level of professional steel erection and tower modification to our customers. We have experienced AWS fabricators and erectors, as well as certified rigging personnel. Because of that experience, specialized equipment, and unmatched talent we excel at a wide array of projects.

Decommission & Demolition

We strive to provide quick and full decommission services for telecom companies and cell carries. Our decom services include: towers decom, cabinets/rooftop platforms removal, batteries removal/disposal, internal equipment and hazardous materials removal.


We are experienced in the Optimization services for any type of Telecom Carrier, those services include: Azimuth measurement and change, MDT & Plumb measurement and changes, RETs set up/troubleshoot, microwave alignment etc.

Civil Construction General Site maintenance services

Our in-house technicians are able to support any size ground level project from cabinet installs to complete raw builds. Invertice also provides maintenance of beacon, lightning protection services, compound/access road services, fencing, ground rings, vandalism recovery.

DAS/Small Cell & Microwave dishes

Invertice provides services for Distributed Antenna Systems installation, services, upgrade: Indoor/Outdoor DAS systems, Micro sells, Fiber check and install, Integration or Integration assistance.


With high quality of training and experience, up-to-date PIM/Sweep/OTDR gear (our equipment stock has all range of RF Testing equip. – KAELUS, ANRITSU, SunSight etc) our certified (by ANRITSU & KAELUS) climbers and technicians can test modern RF component, troubleshoot & fix any alarm.

Construction management

We provide service of supervising construction of tower/tower equipment from the start till finish. Including on-site services, documentaion (which include drawings readings, SDCO/RFDS reading/explanation, red lines, updates, scope of work and material list close out documents (filling and submitting close out forms, preparing reports,etc).

Cell Tower and Macro Solutions


  • Cradle to Grave Cell Site and Tower Installations
  • Cellular Design and Construction
  • Confined Space Certified and Trained
  • Aerial and Underground Fiber Splicing, Fiber Termination & Testing
  • Cable Sweeps, PIM, Management , Cable Premise , ISP & OSP
  • Permitting (all) Easements, Right of Ways, Power, Fiber, SHPO etc
  • All Power, BDFB’s, UPS Plant, Batteries etc
  • Network Optimization

Cell Tower and Macro Solutions / Turfing

Clients Served

  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Nextel/Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon
  • Bechtel
  • Black and Veatch
  • ATC
  • Crown Castle
  • General Dynamics
  • SBA
  • Ericsson
  • Metro PCS
  • Cricket
  • Next G
  • Nexius
  • Alcatel/Lucent
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Nextel/Sprint
  • Advanced Network Services (ANS)
  • Arete
  • Betacom
  • Celtone
  • Glotel
  • Jacobs
  • Macaabee
  • Mastec
  • Mile High Const.
  • MPI
  • Multi
  • MyCom
  • NB&C
  • Paragon/PFC
  • Telcom
  • Telecom Pro
  • TPS/Jacobs
  • West Tower 2

I/O DAS, Small Cell, Fiber & Smart City solutions

Complete PMP Cradle to Grave Project, Program (PMO), Construction, Integration and Optimization Support Services
  • National Team Key Supplier Partnerships
  • Site Acquisition
  • RF Engineering &nbps; BOM’s (iBWAVE)
  • Site Walks
  • Bidding
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Integration Management
  • Optimization Support (5 Step)
  • Close Outs
  • Operations   Maintenance
  • Neutral Host Head End Builds
  • DAS Carrier Adds & Modifications
  • Project Contract Staffing (all levels)
  • Aerial & Underground Fiber
  • MDU Builds and Turn Up
  • All Enterprise and Public locations. Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Stadiums, Arena's, Airports, Tunnels
  • First Responders. Police, Fire, EMT, E911 Centers
  • Government & Military
  • Major Corporations
  • Property Portfolio Owners, High Rise Buildings

DAS Clients & Customers

Past and Current

Clients Served
  • AT&T ASG
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • US Cellular
  • Crown Castle
  • American Tower Corporation
  • All Enterprise and Public locations. Education, Health Care, Public Safety, Stadiums, Arena's, Airports, Tunnels
  • First Responders. Police, Fire, EMT, E911 Centers
  • Government & Military
  • Major Corporations
  • Property Portfolio Owners, High Rise Buildings

Certifications & Training


  • Andrews 
  • Commscope 
  • RFS 
  • PPC
  • Anritsu Sweep Certified
  • Anritsu Fiber / OTDR Certified
  • PIM Certified
  • First Aid/CPR
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hour
  • RF Awareness & Safety
  • Comtrain “In House” Trainer
  • Comtrain Climber / Rescue
Proficient installing DAS head-end: including, but not limited to DAS,RF and DC power. Das alarming test procedures.

Commissioning DAS head-end equipment: Bi-Directional Amplifier Set-up, Fiber DAS commissioning, measure and record RF Input / Output levels for all components.

System optimization including RF measurements using various test measurement. Identifying carrier signal source. Determining RF donor sites.

Integration technology into a DAS(GSM,CDMA,WCDMA,UMTS, LTE and AWS)

Signal systems and communication system protocol/Wireless carrier infrastructure.

Manage our DAS cabling crews for coax and fiber installation, Troubleshooting and Isolation

Recruting & Staffing Solutions


At Invertice, we don’t have “Non Industry” people in cubicles matching job description's with job site resumes. Our resources are from our extensive Global Telecommunications Network connections that are proven industry professionals.

We know what your needs are and know the resources that are the best fit for your positions.

Our “Old School” approach results in lower turnover and a much higher overall success rate with your projects saving you money & time!


Meet our core professionals team

Tanya Kohan

President & CFO

Tanya has held several Corporate Business Management Professional roles for over 11 years including: Controller, Accountant and overall Business Management. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration & runs the core back office and Business Operation teams / staff within Invertice. She is a true dedicated Professional that cares about all of her clients and personnel.

Kyle Lis


Kyle has over 14 years of Telecommunications Construction experience. In 2002 Kyle started providing Professional Construction & Integration Services for the Satellite Uplink & Downlink Communication Industry. Kyle started to grow his company building strong teams to meet his client requirements in many other markets. After working in that industry for many years, Kyle entered into the Wireless Cellular Tower Construction Industry. Over the years Kyle has grown his company with over fifteen RF & Turfing clients serving the following Regions & Markets: Central, South Central, South East, OHPA, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast & all of NY. Kyle has built a phenomenal organization with exceptional people and takes personal pride in everything that he and his teams achieve. Invertice focuses on continual training and education to insure all of his teams are up to date on all safety, skills, technology & industry standards. Invertice now offers full spectrum of expanded services for the Tower, DAS, Small Cell and Smart City Industries.


Office locations & Areas Served


1830 Country Line Road #300
Huntington Valley, PA 19006


285 National Pl #117
Longwood, FL 32750

Markets Served

  • BAWA
  • Virginia
  • Connecticut
  • Il/WI
  • Kentucky
  • KOP/Philly
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New England
  • Mid Atlantic
  • NY, Long Island
  • New York
  • NY, Upstate
  • N/S Carolina
  • OHPA, Ohio
  • OHPA, Pittsburgh
  • OHPA, W.Va.
  • PA, Harrisburg
  • PA, ALL
  • Tennessee, All

Contact us

1830 Country Line Road #300
Huntington Valley, PA 19006

285 National Pl #117
Longwood, FL 32750

Kyle Lis: (267) 777-7547